前台接待员 Front Desk Agent

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学历要求:大专 (及以上学历)
工作经验:一年或以上 (应届生亦可)


Front Desk Agent

Handle all duties according to hotel policies, procedures, internal rules and standards.

Be knowledge about daily hotel operations, check daily even sheet, bulletin boards and be up to date with all changes, new procedures and events. 了解日常酒店的运作,检查电子公告牌并更新的所有程序以及宴会。 Get a daily briefing about extra ordinary events to effectively deal with all foreseen situations on a daily basis. 在每日例会中了解额外的事件,以便快捷的处理所有可能发生的情况。 Have knowledge about room rates, packages, discounts and promotions and know how to handle each.掌握房价,包价,折扣和促销的说有信息,并知道如何去处理。 Have knowledge about guest rooms, ****s, amenities, features and all other services offered by the hotel.掌握客人房间,位置,客房礼物,特色以及酒店提供的所有其它的服务。 Strictly follow all cash handling and banking procedures to check out all customers efficiently.在为客人提供快捷结账的同时严格遵守财务及银行的各项规定。 Operate MARSHA, OPERA, and be able to use room key system (Onity) well.熟练的使用MARSHA和OPERA系统,并会使用客房门锁钥匙系统。 Perform guest registration and room assignment correctly and efficiently, accommodate special requests of all customers. 正确的完成客人的登记,房间分配以及协调所有客人的特殊要求。 Be knowledgeable about Marriott Rewards and other frequent flyer programs. Participate and contribute in Marriott Rewards sign-up program; ensure accuracy and activation rate meet brand goal.了解万豪积分兑换,及其它的常客计划。参与并积极的推广万豪礼赏计划,确保以正确的价格来达到集团目标。 Know how to follow hospitality guidelines. 知道如何遵循服务的基本方针。 Answer phone calls according to standard by using proper telephone etiquette and within three rings.在三声之内按标准接听电话并使用正确的电话礼仪。 Know how to operate safety deposit box.解如何使用保险箱。 Ensure the cleanliness of the front desk and back office area at all times. Utilize spare time for cleaning.确保前台和后台办公室区域的整洁。利用剩余时间去清洁。 Assist all guests in problems and questions as required. Ensure that all guest problems are resolved by using Marriott Learn Model. 必须帮助所有客人的问题和询问。 确保所有的客人问题的解决都要依照万豪的LEARN模式。 Take **** to participate in hotel incentive program and be familiar with hotel sale strategy.积极的参与酒店激励计划, 熟悉酒店销售策略。 Be flexible in regarding to work schedule. Have a solid understanding of hotel operations. Assist fellow associates when necessary to get all jobs done on time. 灵活的安排工作计划。很熟悉的了解酒店的运作。协助同事按时完成所有工作。 Use OPERA/MARSHA password with discretion; Log off the terminal when leaving the area.谨慎的使用OPERA/MARSHA的密码;在离开时必须退出登陆客户终端。 Ensure proper charge is posted to guest credit card when check out; provide guest with a zero balance invoice.结账时确保在客人的信用卡上收取正确的费用;为客人提供余额为零的账单。 Bank out at the end of each shift by following the blind **** procedure strictly. The front desk manager/shift supervisor will always verify the shift closing and enter the **** in the system.每班次结束时严格遵守投账程序平账。前台经理/主管检查班次的账目并输入到系统中。 Report any unusual occurrence or requests to supervisor/manager immediately.向经理及时汇报任何不寻常的情况或要求。 At all times strive to represent Marriott in the most professional manner.努力以最职业的风格去表现万豪文化。 Be disciplined at all times, stand **** and tall at the front desk, greet guests immediately and offer assistance before the guest needs to ask. Focus your total attention to the customers.时刻遵守前台纪律并保持警醒及时问候客人,在客人未开口之前为之提供帮助。集中所有的注意力在客人身上。 Be familiar with AM, PM and overnight daily check list to ensure smooth daily operations.熟悉早班,中班和夜班的检查表以确保运作的正常。 Each associate is expected to carry out all reasonable requests by management which the associate is capable of performing.希望每一名员工都可以完成领导层所给出的所有的合理要求。 Be aware of the hotel VIP / repeat guest / long-staying guest / high value guest and pay special attention to make the guest have a memorable stay.知道酒店的贵宾/回头客/长住客/重要客人并给予特别的关注,以让客人拥有一个难忘的入住经历。 Maintain the guest information and ensure proper input in the PSB/PMSsystem.保留客人信息并确保正确的输入到PSB/PMS系统。 Be well groomed and conform to the hotel's dress code and deportment.良好的仪容仪表,行为、穿着符合酒店的规定。 Be informed about daily operations and events.了解每日运作及宴会。 Be familiar with sales strategies; communicate daily with reservation sales.熟悉销售政策,每日与预定部销售沟通。 Know all frequent customers and is familiar with their special requests. Ensure that their needs are met.了解所有常客及熟悉他们的特殊要求。确保满足他们的要求。 Be familiar with cultural differences and know correct behaviour for each culture. Also know the different protocols and etiquette.熟悉文化差异并知道每一种文化对应的正确举止。同时知道不同的礼节。 Be knowledgeable about all emergencies plans and know how to act upon them.熟知所有关于紧急事件的处理计划并知道当发生时如何应对。 Report any unusual occurrences immediately to the front office manager向经理及时汇报任何不寻常的情况。 At all times strive to represent Marriott in the most professional and courteous manner.随时以最职业最谦恭的方式来表现万豪。 Maintain safety by adhering to safest policies, being responsible to report all accidents immediately.认真贯彻酒店安全程序和措施,及时汇报所有的事故 Support all safety programs. Proceed with caution when walking on slippery floors.认真执行所有安全相关的项目。在湿滑的楼道中走动要保持小心 Ensure proper safety instructions are given before operating any equipment.操作任何设备前确保员工熟知安全操作规范。




学历:大专 | 工作经验:二年或以上 | 年龄:22-40岁 | 银川 | 面议
学历:大专 | 工作经验:一年或以上 | 年龄:22-35岁 | 银川 | 面议
学历:大专 | 工作经验:二年或以上 | 年龄:25-35岁 | 银川 | 3000-5000元/月
学历:不限 | 工作经验:一年或以上 | 年龄:不限 | 银川 | 面议
学历:不限 | 工作经验:二年或以上 | 年龄:22-35岁 | 银川 | 面议
学历:大专 | 工作经验:二年或以上 | 年龄:25-35岁 | 银川 | 面议
学历:大学本科 | 工作经验:一年或以上 | 年龄:23-40岁 | 银川 | 面议
学历:大专 | 工作经验:不限 | 年龄:23-35岁 | 银川 | 面议







  • 性质:私营企业
  • 行业:酒店/餐饮
  • 规模:101-500人
  • 地区:银川
Company Overview |集团介绍 万豪国际集团是全球领先的酒店管理公司,有J. 威拉德(J. Willard)和爱丽丝·马里奥特(Alice Marriott)创办,90年来由马里奥特家族领导人执掌运营,其总部位于华盛顿特区周边的马里兰州贝塞斯达。现在已经发展成为全球最大的酒店管理公司,在全球127个国家和地区拥有覆盖30多个领先品牌的6500多家酒店。 万豪国际集团在中国发展迅速,在全国各地经营着丽思卡尔顿、瑞吉、艾迪逊、豪华精选、宝格丽、W、JW万豪、万豪、万丽、艾美、威斯汀、臻品之选、喜来登、傲途格精选、万怡、福朋喜来登、万枫、万豪行政公寓、雅乐轩及源宿酒店等品牌。万豪管理哲学的核心价值—“以人为本”、“追求卓越”、“拥抱变革”、“诚实正直”、“服务世界”。 About us|关于我们 银川喜来登酒店,总建筑面积67200.21平方米,酒店客房数量412间。是一家集家庭度假、旅游接待、国际会议,商务洽谈、休闲娱乐为一体的五星级酒店。融合国际知名设计师的创作理念,以超高的建造标准,致力于打造银川市唯一一家喜来登酒店。酒店预计在2018年9月28日盛大开业,也是作为新华联文旅发展为宁夏回族自治区60周年大庆的献礼之作。无论是商务旅行还是休闲度假,银川喜来登酒店都会为您提供一切所需,让您拥有一次轻松难忘的住宿体验。...